Lasting Change

Loooped is a strategic and creative agency. Driven to create change that lasts. Aligning everyone with a single purpose and story. Delivering springboard thinking and simplified creative engagement. Your output can be anything. With no backend to feed, we’re impartial towards what the answer may be. Regardless of what form it takes, it has to be effective and right for you.

What’s your business challenge?


Our methodology is bespoke, our expertise is in the following:

Brand Purpose
Customer Experience
Story Expression
Audience Alignment

Take a look at some of our case studies below




Audience Alignment | Story Expression

Finger pricking hurts. This is an undeniable and unavoidable aspect of daily life for many diabetes patients. We want to tell the story of a transformational diabetes device through engaging and authentic content from the perspectives of people with diabetes. Real people, real benefits.



Brand Purpose | Audience AlignmenT | Story Expression

There are thousands of charities in the UK. So how can Brandon, a learning disabilities charity, stand out? With a cohesive brand purpose, in-depth understanding of their audience and a distinctive visual identity, they can better focus their activities and communication. From recruitment to donations, everyone knows why Brandon behaves the way they do.



Brand Purpose | Customer Experience

Before engaging an external audience, there must be internal alignment. The Unilever oral health professional marketing team wants to stand out further in a competitive world. By working closely with the team, they’ve identified their purpose, which creates cohesion with everything they do moving forward. 



Brand Purpose | Story Expression

Women are interested in chasing youth. At least that’s the impression given by conventional beauty and skincare brands. We want to change this mindset. Instead of treating menopause as a taboo, or an oft-ignored niche, we want to take this chance to add vibrancy and spirit to the conversation. A skin treatment that reflects the boldness of the generation. 



Brand Purpose | Customer Experience | Story Expression

There is a specific time and place for Erwinase, an orphan drug for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. By exploring the entire customer journey, we are able to create a customised position and a simple purpose to reinforce the Erwinase brand story across professional and patient communications.